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Le Bricolist - DIY Handyman

Needing renovations? Need a spot of plumbing? Need someone take a look at those dodgy floor boards?  Then you better call Le Bricolist! 
Jeremy Edwards is British by birth, French by adoption and has been living in France since late 1999. 
He moved to Bordeaux from the Dordogne in 2016 and has carried renovation work  in Paris, Vercors, Annemasse, Dordogne and Bordeaux.

"As our lives become more complicated, we seem to have less and less time. The projects around your house are still there.  Despite all your planning and good intention, fitting things in at the end of the day or at weekend is difficult. This is even more true if you need to plan a slightly larger project – imagine that you wish to modernise your bathroom."
He goes on to say; "You may need a builder, tiler, plumber and perhaps an electrician and a painter.  To complete your project, you then need to organise everyone and take time off."

He faced the same problem in 2004 when he built his house ne…

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