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Know your local vendors: Mam’zelle Ile, the tasty Traiteur

If on a Sunday morning, you go the marche de Thouars, a grey canopy with orange lettering “Mam’zelle Ile” will catch your eye, along with the brilliant smile and energy of Ileana Elbaz, the young woman who owns it.  Take a look at what she’s got on offer. Zucchini soup with goat cheese, topped with lardons; lamb kababs with mint, fishcakes, gooey brownie cheesecake squares and a very refreshing minty citronade. The company is called Mam’zelle Ile and the brainchild of trained, travelled Chef Ileana. We had a natter over very airy pancakes (quite unlike my brother-in-law’s “crapjacks”) and perfectly scrambled eggs worth a king’s ransom given how light and fluffy they were. Author: Ujwala Samant

What made you choose this career?
The career chose me, I am pretty sure of it! I started cooking one day as a 12-year-old as my mom was very sick and couldn't cook. It was then that I first touched a pan. It was destiny for me as at the same time I was a bit of a picky eater when I was youn…

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