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Bordeaux Free Wine Tours

Welcome all wine lovers! Have you ever wanted to learn more about wine? Have you ever wondered why Bordeaux’s wines are so expensive? Are you keen to learn about the history of the chateaux in Bordeaux? Do you want to know how to pick the right bottle of wine with your food? Then you’re in the right place… Free Wine Tours is for anyone who wants to learn about France’s wine and cheese culture. What to expect…In our Free Wine Tour, we will unveil the history of the chateaux, the secret behind the production of their delicious wines and show you how to analyze wine like a professional. Be prepared for a sensory explosion and the full wine-tasting experience!

How does it work? On our Free Wine Tours, visitors organize their own transport to and from the chateau as well as paying for the wine tasting (wines at the chateau start at €2.50 for a glass and bottles are available from €5). If you like the tour and want us to be able to continue the project, you are most welcome to leave a tip!
Free Win…

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