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Two wheels to Creon – The Bordeaux – Sauveterre railway cycle track!

Bordeaux was voted the world’s 6th most cycle-friendly city in 2017 and has a colossal selection of routes for the budding cyclist. The boucle vert covers the entire city and has an impressive 241km of pristine cycle tracks. To get the full low down on cycling within Bordeaux, as well as a range of other bike-related services, head over to MAMMA (la maison métropolitaine des mobilités alternatives) on 69 cours Pasteur near place Victoire.

However if you’re looking to get out of the city for the remainder of the decent weather, there are several next-level cycle routes in the Bordeaux region.
Here are the main ones…
The Canal des 2 MersThe Canal des 2 Mers (850 kilometers - from Royan to Sète) is an insane cycle route linking the Atlantic ocean to the Mediterranean. It starts at Royan and goes along the Gironde estuary to Bordeaux. It then takes you south where you pick up the Canal de Garonne to Toulouse. It then transforms into the infamous Canal du Midi, which you follow to eventually …

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