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Bordeaux Expat Interview - Mike Foster

Mike is originally from Sydney, Australia and has been living in Bordeaux for the past 10 years. He originally started the Bordeaux Expats blog in 2010 as a hobby to complement his career as a Digital Marketing Specialist for an agency in the heart of the old city.
"When I arrived in Bordeaux there was next to nothing in the ways of English content online. So to help teach myself French I translated the content that I found regarding news & events on the Bordeaux Tourism website." He has seen the best and worst of Bordeaux and is proud to call it home.
Here is a well overdue interview with an Australian that's still not quite French.Where are you originally from?

The Northern Beaches of Sydney. Frenches Forest to be exact... go figure that I grew up in Frenches Forest and now live in France.
Did someone say ironic?

Where have you lived while you have been here?

I live in a town called Saint AndrĂ© de Cubzac, which is 30km to the North East of Bordeaux. It is an area wh…

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