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An International Homecoming

Philippe d’Armagnac is no stranger to the ex-pat lifestyle. He spent most of his post-BAC life bouncing between languages and countries, before returning to his native Bordeaux in 2015 with the intention of putting down roots. 

By Melissa Rindell

At first it seemed natural that he’d work in the wine business, after all he had been working for a French wine importer in New York, but an unexpected call during the Foire Internationale de Bordeaux changed his trajectory.

Philippe first met Caroline Lubac in 1999 in Reims, where they were undergraduates working towards degrees in International Business at CESEM, and became good friends their final two years of study in Cholula, Mexico. After graduation, Caroline went on to start a company importing fair trade artisanal goods from Central and South America. Philippe returned to Bordeaux to get his Masters in Wine & Business from University of Bordeaux, before moving on to San Sebastian and eventually New York. The two had kept up spora…

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