The Best Bakery in Bordeaux!

Located just up the road from Place Camille Jullian and the Utopia you will come across La Fabrique Pains et Bricoles.

Judging from the people qued out the door of this small bakery most days of the week, you have to think that this place puts something special in their products.

The head baker, Emmanuel Boucher learned his trade from his great-uncle. He adapts his breads (prepared with organic flour) with chorizo, olives, tomato and spinach-ricotta. They have on offer full country loaves, paninis, goumet pizza and ofcourse the good old baguette!

If you've lived in France long enough you probably have developed this high sense of bread appreciation, if you're just popping through I suggest you get along and see how what all the fuss is about!

La Fabrique Pains et Bricoles
47 Rue du Pas Saint-Georges,
33000 Bordeaux
Ph: 05 56 44 84 26

Hours: Monday to Saturday: 8am - 8.30pm; Sunday: CLOSED
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