SPATIAL - Urban Art

This month at the Gallery A (l'espace Valcucine) there is a display of urban art and design.

The show is held over two floors of the gallery, being the basement and showroom, and concentrates on the design and graffiti aspects of urban art.

Design, presents pieces that have been scultpted using pieces of furniture and old lamps which were designed mainly between 1950 and 1980, by architects, designers and interior designer.

Graffiti, presents a selection of work from major French artists who pinoneered the Graffiti movement in France . Their work which has recently toured internationally tries to interact with the public to involve them in this artistic street universe.

Where: Espace Valcucine, 15 rue Fondaud├Ęge, 33000 Bordeaux
When: 8th April until the 8th May
Cost: Free!

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