Sport'In Bordeaux Bastide - S2B

Well, I would like to say that to create a multisport complexe in Bordeaux Bastide was my own... but I guess I was too late!

Since November 2009 Sport'In Bordeaux Bastide has opened it's doors in offering 3 dedicated sporting activities. There are two 2 x 2 football pitches, two full sized Squash courts and a very high-tech looking Golf simulater.

The complexe is well located being around 10 mins walk from Stalingrad (just down past the very beautiful Caserne des pompiers de la Benauge) and offers very resonable prices for their activities.

They have a mini cafe where you can get drinks and food after you match or if you are inclined to undo all that fitness work you just carried out they service draft beer also!

44 Rue Promis,
33100, Bordeaux Bastide
05 56 40 04 63

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