Féte de l’Alose

If your into your fishing you will have been sure to come across the Alose (a silvery fish, smaller than a herrin) in the region of Gironde.

This Saturday 29th May, the city of Lormont will hold the annual Féte de l'Alose to celebrate this small aqua little criter. The festival is in aid of bringing awarness to the rescue plan relating to the Alose's survival and migration which was launched at the beginning of 2008. By decree, professional fisherman will be the only people allowed to fish eel and the Alose just until May 31. The season opens to the public after this..

To celebrate the return of this silvery fish mirgrating up this part of the Garonne, the local council will be putting on a bit of a party in the streets of Lormont.


17:30: Start of events, make-up for children, variety of music all the evening
18:30: Performance of the Steel Band de Bassens, world music (percussion)
19:00: Envisaged arrival of the regatta
19:30: Dinner Time!
20:00: Country demonstration by the Foyer Populaire de Lormont

Large tables will be set up facing the river, offering a magic view while tucking into some grilled fish!

When: 29th May, 2010 @ 5:30pm
Where: Place Aristide Briand, (old) Lormont

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