Bordeaux Fete le Vin 2010

Well, if there is one thing that is synonymous with Bordeaux it would be wine.

The Bordeaux Fete le vin takes place over 4 days in June and runs in alterance with the Fete du fleuve (river). The festival has been in exsistance since 1998 and is the perfect day out for lovers of wine, food and culture.

The event accomodated nearly 300,000 visitors last year that came from all over France and Europe.

Thanks to a Tasting Pass, visitors will be able to discover a diverse range of wines from Bordeaux and the Aquitaine region. There will be 57 appellations of Bordeaux and 23 appellations of Aquitaine on offer to discover. Also, there are plenty of possibilies to taste the regional culinary specialities.

Tasting Pass sell between €15 (1 person) & €20 (shared between 2 people) includes:
  • 12 tasting vouchers
  • a glass and glass holder
  • several privilege tickets

    The Vineyard pass is also on offer and there will be several excursions every day on various themes during the Festival.

    The Vineyard pass sell between 50 and 90€ includes:
    • air conditioned coach transport
    • English-speaking tour guide
    • a visit to three different wine estates or heritage sites, with wine tasting
    • Lunch

      There will be concerts, street performances and fireworks over the 4 days and is one of the largest events on the Bordelaise's calendar.

      When: 24-27 June, 2010
      Where: Place des Quinconces & Quays
      Cost: Free to look or €15 tasting pass

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