Bordeaux's Wines go English!

A guide has just been published about Bordeaux, specifically tailored for English visitors.

Laurent Moujon’s prospective readers are English-speaking people who either live in or visit the region. Among these are the low-cost airline regulars who commute between Great Britain and a handful of airports in South-West France.

The quality hallmark awarded by UNESCO has boosted the number of visitors to Bordeaux. A suitable guide was needed for this type of public. This is how “Bordeaux World Heritage and its Wines 2010”, a 300-page publication entirely in English, was born.

The book was launched during the city’s wine festival in June. Its author, who has been living in Bordeaux for twenty years, has worked on several editions of the “Petit Futé” city guide. He knows his market well. “There is a plethora of guides in France, but most of those sold in the Aquitaine are non-specialised,” Laurent Moujon observes.

And rare are those which include an English translation.

His project is based on this observation. He spent ten months working with the various tourist offices, the Bordeaux Wine Council, the Department’s Tourist Board and the wine châteaux. He also spent whole days visiting monuments, towns, searching out hotels, restaurants and the châteaux where the staff speak English.

There were two imperative conditions. The guide must be positioned for a middle or upper range tourism bracket. For example, hotels must be credited with more than 2 stars. Secondly, full emphasis must be given to the region’s heritage and its gastronomy.

His guide, printed on glossy paper and illustrated with a great many colour photos, has two parts. One presents Bordeaux with its monuments, a selection of 48 restaurants, 7 wine bars, hotels, and shops other than the big international chains. The second part deals with the wine-producing zones with suggestions for wine itineraries including châteaux providing a family welcome in particular. At every stage, the guide also provides advice by wine specialists.

This guide, written first in French and then translated by professional interpreters, provides a large number of very practical maps and town plans.

In his editorial, Laurent Moujon explains his wish to present his readers with “the real Bordeaux hospitality,” so as to encourage them to return.

“Bordeaux World Heritage and its Wines” is available at some bookshops but above all in the tourist offices, as well as from fine wine merchants, wine bars, and from chateaux. Millésima is offering it at their New York wine shop.

The author has also promoted his book in other tourist spots frequented by English-speaking tourists, such as the Basque Coast and Monaco. Next year, the second edition will also be translated into Mandarin Chinese and perhaps Russian.

Details: “Bordeaux World Heritage and its Wines”, self published, 324 pages
Cost: €12

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