Hypnotic Show

Designed by the curator Raimundas Malasauskas and driven by the hypnotist Marcos Lutyens, Hypnotic Show is an exhibition designed for the minds of spectators.

 Q: What is Hypnotic Show?
A: A temporary social structure of engaging into creative cognitive acts through shared practices of art and hypnosis.

Q: How does it work technically?
A: A number of invited artists have submitted proposals for Marcos Lutyens to be performed on the audience through a session of hypnosis.

The show is in English and is only available for 50 people who need to buy their tickets (at the CAPC reception desk) by the 29th March. Once the ticket is paid for a ticket will be issued, along with the details of place and time the perforamce will take palce. Very hush hush...

When: Thursday, 31st March 2011
Where: CAPC to purchase tickets, then who knows???!
Cost: €5.00

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