RATATAT à Bordeaux

Formerly known as Cherry, New York's rock-meets-electronica duo Ratatat feature multi-instrumentalist / programmer Evan Mast and guitarist Mike Stroud.

 Mast and Stroud began working together in 2001, things began to really come together for the pair in 2003: in May, while they were still called Cherry, they played their first gig; by September they changed their name to Ratatat and that November they issued their first single on Audio Dregs, which had a limited run of 1,100 copies. Dates with Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, and Battles followed, and Ratatat signed to XL Records.

When: Friday 22nd April, 2011 @ 8pm
Where: Krakatoa, 3 avenue Victor Hugo, 33700 Mérignac
Cost: €21.80 - Get tickets here!


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