New Pontoon for Bordeaux

The heart of Bordeaux will now be accessible to professional and amateur sailors. Starting in May 2011, it will be possible for yachts to dock on the left side of the Garonne river, in front of the Porte Cailhau like ocean liners and cruise ships! The new pontoon, located a 5-minute walk from the Rue Sainte Catherine, the Grand Théatre, and the Quinconces Place, will be a real attraction for travellers!

The project: Key Figures

This new pontoon will propose following facilities :
  • A hulk of 174.98 yard long and 6.01 yard large, installed 6.56 yard from the dock (freeboard : 1.26 yard)
  • Double bollard every 7.66 yard
  • Capacity for 900 tonnes boat
  • Access by 2 steel gangways situated at both ends of the pontoon
  • Fixing system by 10 “ducs d’albe”
  • A marine current turbine will make energy using the current by way of experiment
  • 5 water/electricity terminal - wastewater cistern stockpiling
Use of the main Pontoon of Bordeaux

This pontoon will welcome:
  • Big sailing boats
  • Big pleasure sailing and little navy units
  • Passing pleasure sailing and regattas
  • Heritage boats
  • Boats with passengers
  • Taxi boats and river shuttles
  • Small boats during factual operations

    Further information: 

    Gestion des équipements fluviaux
    Hôtel de Ville
    Place Pey Berland
    33000 Bordeaux
    Tel: 05 56 10 28 26
    Fax: 05 56 10 28 22
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