Dystopia by Mark von Schlegell @ CAPC

Here is an exhibition that throws us off from the beginning: those who will be able to decipher the title will be the very happy few. For all the rest of us, dystopia is the contrary of utopia. It was thought of by a writer of science-fiction, Mark von Schlegell, and it tries to show how many of our current avant-gardes have been contaminated by the consumerist creed.

Mathieu Tonetti Rancho Mirage, RM-144, 2010. Lightbox, print on Ecolatex Boite lumineuse, tirage sur Ecolatex 
180 x 135cm © Mathieu Tonetti

Our world is described in New Dystopia, the title of the author’s latest book, and it is clearly apocalyptic. To do so he brought together the works of some fifty artists (from Cyprien Gaillard to Franz West) who describe hostile spaces, explosions, radiations, solitary existences.

There is nevertheless some space for hope: at the bottom of this black hole, of this industrial catastrophe, new utopias can come to life. The catalogue itself is quite original, as it is presented as a novel, written by the same curator.

Wallace Berman / Cosima von Bonin / Brian Calvin /Tony Carter /  Marc Camille Chaimowicz / Peter Coffin / Simon Denny / Andreas Dobler / Roe Ethridge / Keith Farquhar / Hans-Peter Feldmann / Aurélien Froment / Cyprien Gaillard / Isa Genzken / Dan Graham / Robert Grosvenor / Sebastian Hammwöhner / Roger Hiorns / Ull Hohn / Des Hughes / Peter Hutchinson / Sergej Jensen / On Kawara / Michael Krebber / Jesús Mari Lazkano / Rita McBride / John Miller / Pathetic Sympathy Seekers / Manfred Pernice / Stephen G. Rhodes / Glen Rubsamen / Sterling Ruby / Julia Scher / Frances Scholz / Michael Scott / Markus Selg / Reena Spaulings / Michael Stevenson / Tommy Støckel / Josef Strau / Blair Thurman / Mathieu Tonetti / Oscar Tuazon / Franz West / Jordan Wolfson

catastrophe Eugène Isabey
curator Alexis Vaillant

*Content taken from pbart.com

When: 14th May until 28 August 2011
Where: CAPC musée d'art contemporain, 7 Rue Ferrère, 33000 Bordeaux
Cost: €5

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