This weekend will see the Union Bordeaux Bègles go up against Clermont in their 3rd match of the season.

For the team of ASM Clermont Auvergne, they have started the season on a very good foot with two wins already to their credit, including difficult triumph against Toulon at home. The absence of their "World Cup players" doesn't appear to have effected Clermont all that much with their younger players holding the fort. One point that could prove their undoing is that if they don't come down from their 'successive win' cloud and take the match to their opponents.

For the UBB, the victory last weekend at Chaban Delmas to over 25 000 spectators, showed that the players learn quickly from their mistakes and work hard to get on the right track . Although it is still very early in the season, perhaps their level of aggression and desire to win is going to be the bench mark for the season. It's most likely that the UBB will start most matches as the underdog, but perhaps this will play into their favour as it could alleviate the pressure that comes with the big matches.

TEAM against ASM

1    .    DAVIES Richard  
2    .    LAUGA Romain  
3    .    TOETU Patrick  
4    .    TISSEAU François  
5    .    JAULHAC   Adam   
6    .    MADAULE Louis Benoit  
7    .    CHALMERS   Hugh   
8    .    HOUSTON Leroy  
9    .    ADAMS   Heinie   
10    .    LOPEZ   Camille   
11    .    FERRERES   Laurent   
12    .    CARBALLO   Rafaël   
13    .    LE BOUHRIS Félix  
14    .    BRANA Thierry  
15    .    REIHANA Bruce  
16    .    ROFES Fabien
17    .    DELBOULBES Laurent
18    .    TRELOAR Caméron
19    .    TERNISIEN   Charly
20    .    SERON   Julien
21    .    FRASER   Gerard
22    .    DENETRE Michel
23    .    DECAMPS   Nicolas    
When: Friday 9th September, 2011 @ 8pm

Where: Stade Marcel Michelin, Clermont-Ferrand

Live radio commentary on ARL 96.2 in Bordeaux, 92.9 in Langon, 95.9 in Libourne, 90 in Marmande and 98.1 in Agen.  

Original article: http://www.ubbrugby.com/actualites/2106-avant-le-match-contre-clermont-ferrand.html
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