Bordeaux Zombie Walk

Brains.... Brains of the Bordelais...

The living dead are planning a take over of Bordeaux's city streets in October.

What is a Zombie Walk?
Well, as the name suggests it's a group of Zombies walking around. duh.....

Moreover, it's a public get together for enthusiast of the Zombie genre that come together dressed in only their finest zombie looking outfits. The participants are encouraged to remain in character as Zombies throughout the event... easier said than done, as asking for a lighter may prove difficult if you're only allowed to grunt, groan and moan.

A few finer points of what makes a good zombie for a good zombie walk:

1). A good zombie is a slow zombie that doesn't speak except to say 'Braaains' every so often.
2). Like any good self respecting zombie, you must be at a decent stage of advanced decomposition.
3). Stay on the footpath and don't obstruct traffic
4). You are respectful of the living (non-zombies)
5). Out of respect for the living, if you enter shops, pubs, etc during the walk do it out of character. Zombies will not be served at the bar.
6). Try to follow the group and don't scatter during the walk. Stops will be made along the walk.
7). Replica weapons are prohibited during the walk.

Note: Date on picture is incorrect.

For more information about the history of Zombie Walking, click here.

For further information about the event, check back regularly here:

Photos from last years Zombie Walk.

When: 29th October 2011 (see Facebook page for exact time)
Where: Bordeaux City (again, see Facebook page)
Cost: Free!

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