Fête de la Musique 2012

For the 31st edition, the national music festival will be getting it's 'Pop' on.

Completely different from a music festival, the Fête de la Musique is above all a free popular fête, open to any participant (amateur or professional musicians) who wants to perform in it. This Music day allows the expression of all styles of music in a cheerful atmosphere. It aims at a large audience, working to popularise musical practice for young and not so young people from all social backgrounds. It gives an opportunity to communicate and share a very special moment through music.

There will be more than 10 stages throughout the city with a selection of some of the best bands and musicians from Bordeaux.

The major locations in the city will be:

  • Conservatoire de Bordeaux Jacques Thibaud > Soundscapes and Images
  • Parc des sports Saint-Michel > Alternative
  • Grand théâtre > National Opera of de Bordeaux
  • Place du Palais > Jazz
  • Pey-Berland > Classical
  • Galerie Lafayette > Pop 
  • Place Saint Projet > Vocal Groups
  • Skate Park > Hip hop et Electro
  • Cour Mably > Pop, rock, blues, soul
  • Galerie des beaux arts > Choirs & Songs from the Basques Country
  • Musée des Arts décoratifs > Classic Open Stage
  • Square Dom Bedos> Instrumental and vocal ensembles from the Bordeaux Conservatory
  • Basilique Saint-Michel> Choir and Organ
  • Molière scene of Aquitaine> Voice Surprises
For a full listing & timetable, visit here (site in French).

There will also be a family orinetated event on 24th at the Jardin Public which kicks off at 2pm until 7pm.

When: Thursday 21st June, 2012
Where: Bordeaux City
Cost: Free!
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