Mick Hart back in Bordeaux

For those of you who enjoy blues styled folk music, there is a good chance you may have heard of the Australian Mick Hart.

A few years back Mick was based in France and toured regularly throughout the country, thus creating a solid fan base and reputation for interactive shows.

In 2009 he returned to his homeland after spending sometime living in Lille and we haven't seen him back over this way since...! That is, until now!!

Mick Hart will be playing a solo show at the Houses Of Parliament this Thursday before hitting the road throughout the rest of Europe.

If you're free, drop in for a beer and say g'day... he's a real nice bloke!

WHEN: Thursday, 11th October 2012 @ 10pm
WHERE: 11 Rue Parlement Sainte-Catherine  33000 Bordeaux
COST: Free!


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