The Bodacious Bordelais Burger Quest

Royale with Cheese, by Chris Tighe 

HAMBURGER [hæmˌbɜː(r)ɡə(r)] noun. 
1. A native or inhabitant of the city of Hamburg.
2. A flat round cake of minced beef, fried or grilled and typically 
served in a bread roll garnished with various condiments.

           Since we arrived in 2011, Bordeaux's alternative underground food, music and art scene has been growing at an exponential rate. Along with the string of trendy innovative wine bars, hip cafes and alternative hotels recent years has seen an influx of so-called 'hambourgeois' gourmet burger bars and food trucks. Nudging our city into the 21st century and breathing new life into the historical centre, this bold wave of inner city eateries offers superb value for money, a laid back atmosphere, decent tunes and above all freshly made hefty badass burgers! So put your feet up and enjoy this brief (alphabetical) burger 'best of' - not forgetting to check out all the Bordeaux underground links at the end for further artistic, cultural and gastronomic exploration. Bon appétit and hang ten...

Edmond Pure Burger

where: 158, cours victor hugo
when: mon - sat: 12:00 - 14:30, 19:00 - 23:00 
tel: 05 56 77 59 45
slogans: "the temple of the puuuure burger" / "in BURGER we TRUST" / "a burger a day keeps the doctor away" / "we love soul food and good music"
atmosphere: unpretentious, minimal, designer/urban chic burger house
burger à la française

price range: €8-€10 for burgers, lunch menu €13 with chips +soft drink
delivery: no'p
takeaway: yep - burger, chips €12, burger, chips, soft drink €13 (pre-order by phone)
burger range: classic cheese and bacon, edmond (caramelised onions, raclette, smoked bacon, chives), edgard (spinach shoots, pepper sauce, grilled pancetta, st nectaire, coriander), edimbourg (rocket, sun dried tomato caviar, tomme de chalosse, fresh pesto, basil), edwin (confit aubergine, tomme de savoie and fourme d'ambert/blue, smoked bacon, coriander), edison (pepper marmelade, creamy sauce, cantal, fresh mint), edenté/vegetarian (mushrooms, cooked tomatoes, confit aubergine, rocket and basil, melted cantal, fresh pesto), edredon (u-10 kids menu - cheeseburger, fries, soft drink)
Edmond buns baked fresh daily

buns: freshly homemade daily "with love"
chips: homemade, thin-cut, served in a basket with garlic/parsley dressing
chip sauces: HP, others available on request

meat origin: 100% french bovine, limousin, normandy...
cheese: from Jean d'Alos - Chester, Raclette, St Nectaire, tomme de Chalosse, tomme de Savoie, Fourme d'Ambert, Cantal...
other stuff: green salad with fresh herbs €3
desserts: ed fleury - refreshing frozen yoghurt with choice of toppings - pecan, mango, etc. sauces - salted butter caramel etc. €4.50
soft drinks: coke, sprite, peach ice tea, minute maid, abatilles mineral water
beers: carlsberg, grimbergen, chimay blue, gasconha wheat beer - €4-€6
wines: bordeaux region red and white, rosé, €12-€18/bottle
art: large pseudo religious 'edmond' mural courtesy of Mister Kern and Jean Restout (2013)
mural by mister kern and jean restout

photos: polaroid photo wall...
tunes: new soul - - spotify playlist to follow via fbook site
verdict: quality ingredients, homemade flavours, chic modern design, great service and welcome, a french quality perspective on the gourmet burger
hamburgering rating: 15.5/20 (

5th Avenue

where: 10 rue montesquieu
when: monday - sunday: 10am - 2am
tel: 05 56 81 52 89
atmosphere: new york style diner bar, old skool coke fridge
vintage coke fridge and new york style decor

price range: €13/€14 - €16.50 american menu - can adapt meal deals for groups..
delivery: no'p
takeaway: no'p
burger range: chickenburger, bacon, texas (smoked bacon, melted cheddar, bbq sauce), aspen (potato patty, raclette cheese)
sauces: mustard, ketchup
buns: from a bakery
chips: crispy, approaching perfection
other stuff: large range of franco-american style meals :: salads, pasta, meat, fish, club sandwiches, fajitas, bbq ribs, chicken wings etc - meal deals €12.50-€16.50 - kids meal €8.50
desserts: apple crumble €5 (+€1 for ice cream), cheesecake €6, melting choccie pudding €6, sorbet €4, range of ice creams €6.50
softs: range of granini fruit juices €3.30, old style hot choccie €3.50, 6 types of tea €3
milkshakes: same as ice cream range - bueno, bulgare, coffee, salted butter caramel, chestnut, choc, cookie, coconut, pistachio, rum 'n raisin, vanilla, vanilla macadamia €3.50
beers: stella, leffe, leffe ruby, hoegaarden on tap, €5.60/€7 a pint, 
harder booze: homemade sangria, frozen margarita/pina colada in jugs €15/€25, mojito, caïpirinha, ti'punch €6, wine
tunes: deep house
verdict: popular pre-cinema venue, spacious terrace, large menu choice, beers on tap, superb milkshakes
hamburgering rating: 15/20 (

Funky Burger

where: 5 rue du loup
when: mon, tues, thurs - 10h30 - 14h00 / 18h00 - 00h00 :: weds, fri, sat - 10h30 - 15h00 / 18h00 - 00h00 
tel: 05 56 81 55 50
atmosphere: skater, urban, funky, original decor (traffic lights, darth vador mask, C3PO, widescreen tv), local artwork, tons of flyers for local club nights/bars -,

art/photo mosaic and light wall

he finds your lack of faith disturbing...
fluent in over 6 million forms of communication...

price range: single burger €4.20 - €8.95; double €6.85 - €11.65 :: €8.50 single burger meal deal +chips +drink :: boss burger - triple burger, chips, salad, soft drink 33cl €14.50
delivery: mon-sat 11h30 - 14h00 / 18h30 - 23h00 - min €15 - by bicycle

burger range: 100g... corleone (chedder, bacon), macfly (camembert), houston we have a problem (parsley mushrooms), vador (fourme d'ambert - blue cheese), betrash (xtra chilli sauce), I am your father (chedder, chorizo), jc duss (reblochon), goats from the pentagon (goats cheese, honey), pepper pots (spicy chicken), okkkkkkkkk (chicken, pineapple), you have beautiful eyes (morteau sausage, munster cheese), honey duck (duck breast, caremelised apples, mustard honey sauce) etc...
he'll make you a burger you can't refuse...

sauces: communal station - worcester, pickalilly, tabasco red/green, HP, louisiana hot, heinz american/cocktail/bbq, SaVoRa mustard - more to come!
buns: homemade
chips: homemade, big portions

other stuff: wraps (chicken, beef, fish range) - €5.30 - €6.90; salads - €7.50, tapas (squid rings, chicken wings, fried cod etc) €4.80 - €7.90
desserts: brownies, donuts, muffins, cheesecake, homemade milkshakes (€4.20), ben & jerrys, fruit colis
soft drinks: vitaminwater, large range of cans, tea/coffee
beers: heineken can, stella, leffe, hoegaarden on tap (€2.60/€3.80/half) - wine by the glass
art: resident artists on rotation - this month, Gilbert Nadeau,
Stephanie Duboscq

resident artwork

tunes: see website/myspace, classic/modern rock
special nights: funky burzday - fri/sat night free burger on your birthday. customers also chosen at random for free burgers

verdict: awesome decor, superb sauce selection (+spicy!!), large burger selection, great welcome and useful bordeaux underground info, star wars memorabilia

fourchette et confidence blog
hamburgering rating: 10/20 (

Kokomo Delicatessen

where: 12 place fernand lafargue
when: mon/sun - 12-5pm, tues-sat 12pm-midnight
web: to follow
tel: 05 57 77 07 24
atmosphere: urban, hawaiian, funky skater/surf art cafe

price range: €7-€13
delivery: no'p
takeaway: yep
burger range: double cheese (black angus steak, double cheddar, pickles, marinated tomatoes, mustard, jalapeno ketchup), J.D. (black angus flamed with jack daniels, cheddar, marinated tomatoes, bbq sauce), reuben burger (black angus, house pastrami, gorgonzola, confit onions, bbq sauce), felafel burger (vegetarian - homemade felafel, avocado, marinated tomatoes, coleslaw, house mayo)

toasted sesame bun and jumbo gherkin

buns: from a bio bakery
chips: homemade
sauces: french's honey/classic mustard, homemade bbq
other stuff: tomato/buffalo mozza with truffle oil, tacos (king crab/quinoa), pork ribs, braised beef, fish & chips with beer batter, pastrami/salmon sandwiches, tofu dog, macaroni & pepperoni, giant new york gherkins, coconut noodle soup; sides of mayo ricotta noodleslaw, cesar salad, house mash

brooklyn beer on tap imported from NY

desserts: €5 - death by brownie (choc brownie, peanut butter, oreo icing), carrot cake (lime/coconut icing), milkshakes - range of flavours with chantilly €4, muffins, cookies
soft drinks: dr pepper, root beer, homemade ice tea
beers: brooklyn beers (on tap and in bottle - specially imported from the brooklyn brewery in NY - lager €6/pint, oktoberfest, pale ale, brown ale, lager - €4 a bottle, darwin beer (made by the darwin project in the right bank for special events) €4

liquor & cocktails: large range of spirits incl. venezuelan diplomatico rum & japanese nikka whisky, cocktails 7€ - mojito, caipirinha etc
tunes: hawaiian, blues, 70's/80's classics, soul, funk, house, special dj mix nights ::
art: range of local art/photo exhibitions and connections with bordeaux underground art scene/artists...
Odeg & Rooble

eg. of the superb wall art by local artists

events: regular dj nights, local club night flyers, mates with darwin project and sponsor of bordeaux rock..(artists all coming to dine in resto) 

 verdict: packed out at lunch time, terrace, swift service, great tunes, alternative art, superb brooklyn beers - latest addition to the growing alternative fernand lafargue scene

New York

where: 4 Cours Pasteur
 when: 10.30am-midnight everyday, closed sunday
tel: 09 83 50 98 80
atmosphere: new york style diner, cocktail/piano bar, great terrace for summer

price range: €10-€12 :: €3 homemade chips/herby potato wedges
delivery: no'p

takeaway: no'p
burger range: menu currently being updated
buns: from san nicolas, round the corner ::

chips: homemade, superb
meat: 100% charolaise french origin 
other stuff:
a very tall waitress

evening concert @the new york

beers: heineken/affligem on tap, bud/biere de saison by bottle 
softs: standard range of cans and fruit juice (€3-€5)
hard liquor: (€4-€6) bacardi, bombay sapphire, bombay original, eristoff vodka, william lawson whisky, jd, four roses bourbon, tullamore, janeiro cachaça, san josé tequila, cointreau, bailey's, manzana, get 27/31, 1O year old tenareze armagnac, fine wood chateau d'orignac cognac, calvados
cocktails: €7 :: bloody mary, mojito, cosmopolitan, pink lady, manhattan, aphrodisia, the bronx
wine: extensive local red and white selection, provence rosé
tunes: jazz/soul in the morning :: evening more rock

events: evening events organised, concerts, private room upstairs for parties, outdoor catering available for weddings/events - mini burgers etc
verdict: great burgers, large menu and drinks selection and live football. Manhattan meets Bordeaux...
le cannele d'adresses:

the mayor went...


where: 7 rue judaique
when: everyday - 12-4pm, 6.30-11pm 
spotify playlist:
tel: 09 83 50 98 80
atmosphere: 120msq, 2 floors, free wifi, 'classic american style burger joint'

price range: compose your own burgers.. €7.50-€9.50 :: €10 menu upper burger/veggie +chips/salad +soft drink/water :: kids menu - €7.50...
delivery: no'p
takeaway: yep
burger range: 140g 100% natural fresh ingredients, cheese/bacon/veggieburger, chioce of market toms, lettuce, onions, peppers, onion marmelade, pickles; grilled aubergines, mushrooms, onions, peppers

now this IS a tasty burger...
sauces: ketchup, bbq, blue cheese, hot sauce, hp, mayo, mustard
buns: artisan bread
chips: homemade, served in an upper tub, option of chilli powder or vinegar - €2.50
other stuff: salads - upper €7.50, caesar €9
desserts: brownies, cookies, carrot cake, cheesecake, cupcakes, muffins, whoopies; milkshakes €4 - vanilla, banana, fruit of the day
drinks: water - san pe, abatilles; softs, natural bionade €3, bud beer (bottle) €3, wine, american coffee (€1, 9-11am), hot choc, kusmi tea

tunes: spotify :: classic funk, rock, disco, james brown ::
verdict: fab meat quality, good buns/service, phenomenal playlist
hamburgering rating: 17.5/20 (

Vacher Burger

where: 38 cours portal,
 when: mon, tues, wed - 11.30-3pm, 6.45-10.45pm ::  thurs, fri, sat - 11.30-3.30pm, 6.45-11.45pm :: sun - 6.45-10.45pm

instagram/spotify: to follow
tel: 05 57 87 21 81
motto: "la vrai saveur"
atmosphere: 50's/60's

milk urn lamps

price range: burger €8.50, double burger - extra €3, meal deals €10-€15 - €7.50 kids and students
delivery: 7/7, 11.45-2.30pm (not sunday) / 6.45-10.30pm (every day) - min order €18; delivery within boulevards incl.lac

takeaway: yep
burger range: 125g...all with salad :: the robert (homemade ketchup, gherkins, onions, toms), the gaston (beef or chicken, homemade blue cheese sauce, bacon, walnuts, crunchy pear), the marius (fried cod, homemade tartare sauce), the victor (double cheese - spicy mustard sauce), the lucien (blue cheese - honey/thyme mustard sauce, fourme d'ambert cheese), the léon (double bacon - bacon sauce), the marcel (cheddar cheese/bacon), l'hubert (bordeaux sauce, shallot compote, parmesan), the patxi (basque burger - espelette pepper and chorizo sauce, sheep cheese, chorizo), l'odette (marinated curry chicken, herby cheese sauce), the jade (grilled chicken, wasabi cream sauce, coriander, ginger, green apple) 

buns: artisan bread made specially for Vacher by Guillaume bakery

chips: homemade
sauces: burger sauces homemade every day, chip sauce - mayo/ketchup/bbq
events and parties: available for professional dinners, events, mini burgers and pastries available, group meal deals

desserts: homemade :: cheesecake (orange flower, vanilla, tonka bean, mocha, violet, liquorice amaretto!) €3.50, brownies, cookies, muffins, slices of tart €2.50
beers: bud, bud original, heineken, corona, duff - €3.40; hapchot hossegor 75cl €8.50
wine: large list, €4.50/glass, €20/bottle
softs: abatilles, perrier, badoit water; rauch fruit juices (range), red bull, cans, double coffee €3.20 

art: by an ex employee Cecilia
wall art by cecilia
tunes: 50's/60's - fbook/spotify playlist to follow
languages: door sign written in french, english, spanish, japanese, chinese :: the only place where they tried to speak english!
future projects: they are looking for a 2nd place by the barriere de medoc
verdict: the only quality delivery burger place in town, a fleet of mopeds, varied menu, patxi burger recommended, great welcome
hamburgering rating: 12.5/20 (

West Coast Gourmet Burgers

where: 31 rue du cancera (angle of rue pas st georges)
when: 7/7, 12-3pm :: 7-11pm 
tel: 09 80 61 85 93
slogan: "authentic burgers"
atmosphere: chilled, friendly, surfer beach bar

price range: €7-€9 - extras €1, chips and sides €3
delivery: no'p
takeaway: yep
food truck: every week day by cdiscount @bassins tram

food truck @cdiscount

burger range: 100% limousin beef... classic, cheese (choice of mature english cheddar, blue, parmesan, aged comté), classic bacon/cheese (cheddar), west coast (avocado, bacon, caramelised onions), venice beach (homemade pesto, mozzarella, rocket), gorgonzola, gascon (chicken breast, lemon mayon bacon), tijuana (house battered chicken breast, homemade guacamole), bbq chicken (house battered chicken breast, bacon, fried onions, bbq sauce), vegetarian (actually vegetarian - not the french concept of vegetarian...), burger of the day (on blackboard)
buns: "proper buns" - artisan bread
chips: homemade - well good
sauces: french's classic yellow mustard/smooth and spicy

other stuff: onion rings, homemade coleslaw, caesar salad, sunshine salad
desserts: homemade lemon cheesecake €4.50, homemade brownie/ball of ice cream/pecan nut €4.50, banana split €4.50, 'benoît de la lune' artisan ice cream - vanilla, choc, strawberry, vanilla pecan, mint choc, salted butter caramel - - sopisticakes cup cakes
milkshakes: proper fresh milkshakes made with ice cream - choc, vanilla, strawberry €4

the legendary Tchanquée

beers: l'entre 2 bières - blonde, blanche 'la palombe', rousse 'la baïne' €4 -, woll, gasconha, brooklyn, san miguel, budvar, corona - €4, heineken €3.50
cocktails: margarita, frozen margarite, cape cod, white russian, banana daiquiri €7
wine: €3-€3.80 a glass, bdx, south africa, aussie, california
byo: €7 corkage and can give directions to wine shops in the area!
coffee: gourmet coffee €6.50 

tunes: rock, hip hop, rap ::
events: food truck going out to lacanau pro, garorock, reggae sunska etc
verdict: a bit cramped (but looking for a new location) - superb beer selection, awesome burgers & chips, all round winner
hamburgering rating: 15/20 (

life's a beach


In the last year or so Bordeaux has also seen the advent of US style food trucks - The main two offering burgers are West Coast and Camion ByOliver - El Taco Diablo is worth a visit as well: The West Coast truck is generally down at the CDiscount HQ by the Chaban Delmas bridge - they also head out to festivals and other events in the area.

Camion ByOliver

where/when: tues, thurs 11.45-2.15pm, fri, sun 7-9.45pm - place paul doumer :: wed, fri, 11.45-2.15pm - place st bruno, opposite (meriadeck) tram A - also @maxxess by the za alfred danet sunday lunch and some friday nights - check fbook site for regular updates
tel: 06 77 72 96 73 - orders before 11am

ideal for warmer weather!

price range: €7.30-€9.90 - burger meal deals €9.60-€10.40
burger range: 110g limousin meat french bovine origin freshly minced...the classic, classic cheese (cheddar), classic bacon, the bacon cheese, classic basco (sheep cheese, ventreche - pancetta style, onions, pickle, tomato, chef's sauce), the californian (grilled chicken, avocado, onion rings), the king george (onion rings, peppered ventreche, pickles, tomato, avocado, chef's sauce), the americano (lettuce, onions, pickles, tomatoes, chef's sauce), cheese americano, the magnum (double burger version of the classic), the no meat burger (vegetarian - avocado, crusty camambert, red onions, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, spinach, house sauce), burger of the day - see blackboard
buns: 100% organic artisan bread from Au Goût du Pain, place nansouty
chips: homemade - medium €2, large €2.50

other stuff: baguette sandwiches - €4.20-€5.90 - €5.60/€6.60 meal deals, the elegant (organic baguette, bitter orange marmelade, fine herb/garlic cheese, smoked duck breast, walnuts, tomatoes, spinach), the paris-beurre, the bait (bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, house sauce, vinaigrette), the greek (roast chicken, hummus, toms, lettuce, guacamole) the mediterranean (mozzarella, tom/olive tapenade, serrano, tomato), the landais (fresh goat cheese, honey, bayonne ham, asparagus tapenade, tomato), the BLTA (bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado)

the landais!

desserts: €1.20-€3 - pancakes with maple syrup, cheesecake, shortcake, brownies with grilled hazelnuts, pavlova, desert of the day (revolté du bounty 5/01/14), fruit salad with choice of different fruits(clementines, apples etc)
drinks: organic softs, cans, fruit juice, abatilles water, heineken, despe, mini wine bottles, fair trade coffee 
fidelity card: card given at first visit then stamped :: 10th burger free
events: every friday and sunday night (summer), place paul doumer - 7-10pm, tariquet apero night (free glass of tariquet with every €10 spent), giant chupa for kids :: the marché des capucins coming soon and summer 2014 @le porge plage...

verdict: fresh regional products, groundbreaking and original (the van is from england...) and has paved the way for the future of bordeaux gastronomy


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le vintage bar, the latest addition to rue st james

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bt59 club/concert venue in terre neuves
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contemporary art hits bordeaux...

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novart opening ceremony 2013

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dj initiation and perfection courses
and finally... :: the $5000 burger and the most expensive burgers in the world ::!861DDAE6-3A73-4B1B-AE33-D251EA95DECC

the $5000 burger @the fleur de lys in vegas :: best washed down with a bottle of petrus...

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