Campervan Hire in the South-West of France

Campervan and minibus rentals based in the South-West

What's better than a stretch of open highway, no where to be and all the time in the world?

For those of you inclined to the occassional road trip, you'll all agree to have a home on wheels is an advantage and pleasure.

Since March 2013, 'VAN-AWAY' has extended their reach over the South West and have pushed up from Toulouse to open a branch in Bordeaux.

VAN-AWAY was started by Jean-Philippe Ferton, when asked how the business started he replied "I've worked for about 15 years as a computer science engineer, in France and abroad (Ireland 4 years, Australia 2 years). I decide in 2011 to start the VAN-AWAY adventure, as a long-time fan of campervans and vacations "on the go", of discoveries and adventure. I am convinced that campervan holidays, even if not as big in France as it can be abroad today (Australia, NZ, US, Germany, UK...) will become more and more popular here, for 3 major reasons:
  • People constantly search for new things to do, original ideas, new experiences - Many are attracted by the idea of travelling in a campervan, which image is much more user-friendly than the one of motorhomes
  • People love the idea of being free. No need to plan, to book hotels & restaurants. No constraints. They go wherever they want, change direction according to the weather, park anywhere for the night (not possible with motorhomes anymore today...). They love the "adventurous" part of it as well : they do not know in advance where exactly they will go, what they will do...
  • For a family, travelling in a camper van is cheaper than paying for a rental car + hotels + restaurants. And you don't need to pay for campsites everyday either... "

What they offer:
4 different models of brand new campervans. From the 3-berth economic Malaga campervan to the 7-seat Ibiza minibus with pop-up roof and kitchen, the mythic 4-berth VW California conforltline and a brand new high-standard 5-berth Tasmania campervan, there must be one that corresponds to our customer road trip plans !

Their campervans all are recent (from 2012 to 2014) and very well equipped. All rentals come with Europe-wide insurance and roadside assistance, two authorised drivers, bedding, kitchen equipment and 300kms per day. Each campervan is decorated in a « groovy » and unique style : you’ll never go unnoticed !

Need for a bike rack, a chemical loo, a awning or more ? You can customize your camper on our site, choosing among a wide range of options.

They also offer plenty of services, including, for their foreign customers, deliveries to Toulouse and Bordeaux airports and train stations. And english spoken!

Plans for Bordeaux and 2014

VAN-AWAY offers starting mid-March 2013 a rental service from Carignan de Bordeaux, just a few minutes from Bordeaux city center. For their fist year in Bordeaux, only Malaga and California campervans will be available in the wine capital. Bordeaux will be an ideal starting point for a roadtrip around the local wineyards, the bassin d'arcachon, the Landes and Gironde counties, the Basque country, and why not much further ? Spain and Portugal are only a few hours away...

VAN-AWAY has many plans for 2014, in addition to this new office: propose the new Tasmiania campervan, ideal for large families or the ones who want the comfort of a motorhome in the size of a van, extend their parntership with companies CE (comité d'établissement), like they just did with Airbus, and prepare for the development of a network of new VAN-AWAY agencies next year.

Their campervans are ideal for families. Travelling with children is great… They simply love it, and you can easily combine adventure and childcare ! Snack time ? Nap time ? You can simply pull over and look after the kids. That’s freedom !

VAN-AWAY Campervan Hire France
29 Rue beaugey33360 Carignan de Bordeaux
Tél : +33 (0) 6 19 15 11 69
e-mail :
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