New Players wanted for FC Rouge Bordeaux!

Summer is fast approaching and football clubs at the highest and lowest levels are looking for new players. FC Rouge are not looking to bring in Zidane as their manager, but just like the Girondins, they need new players and everyone is welcome. Check out our video here.

The club

FC Rouge was created in 1999 by a group of friends. The origin of the name and the club is linked to Petit Rouge, a former bar in the St Michel area of the city. Red therefore is the colour of their shirts, and is also the colour of the political leanings of the original founders. The club has actually had two of its members stand for Presidential elections (1), surely a world first! This debating spirit can be felt in the dressing room, with players discussing and thoroughly analysing matches, win, lose or draw. Today only two of the founders still play. The political dimension of the club may today be less evident, but the values of openness remain, with all new players warmly welcomed.

The league

FC Rouge is a Sunday league club: the rules are the same as for any other 11-a-side football, except that players must be aged 29 or over. The club now plays in the Challenge Celtic, having spent several years playing under the FFF (2) umbrella. The Challenge Celtic is an association that has organised 2 leagues in the Bordeaux area for over 45 years. In some of the teams you can find players who once played at the top level. Fair play is essential as teams are marked each match on their behaviour. After every match the home team provides an apéritif. The final league table depends on both results and mentality and mindset. There is a pre-season tournament and then a league calendar of around 25 matches.

The team

You won't run into many FC Rouge players at the gym, which may be part of the problem! Musicians, postmen, booksellers, instructors, I.T. specialists, writers, physios or teachers, you can find them all over town, but especially at the Sweeney Todd (3), the Wunderbar (4) or even the club's sponsor Le Poulailler (5). Not forgetting match-days on Sunday mornings on the pitches at Bordeaux-Lac. Some of the ex-players get together now and again at Soto6, like the gathering held this April following a match between current and ex players. Since Matthew departed for the sunny climes of his beloved Newcastle United, Scott is the only foreign player in the team, but he is also the captain. The club is, however, planning to find new recruits amongst the expat community in Bordeaux to give the club an even more international feel. 

Fancy joining the club?

The club is looking for players of all levels, all positions and all ages (over the age of 29). The aim is to have a squad large enough for all players to play when they want to. Throughout the summer, the players meet most Sundays at Bordeaux-Lac to stay in shape, get some practice in and welcome new faces.
A medical certificate is not required, but is recommended. For the 2013-2014 season, the cost of the membership was €55, which included a pair of shorts and socks, as well as contribution to the post match apéritif for the season. If you don't think your body is still up to it, you can participate in another way, such as by refereeing or sponsoring the club.

If you would like more information, please contact Jean Veyrat, club manager.

1. Philippe Poutou, NPA candidate for 2012 presidential elections, and Stéphane Lhomme, Ecologist candidate for first round European elections in 2012. 
2. FFF : Fédération Française de Football 
3. Sweeney Todd: 2, cours d’Alsace-Lorraine, Bordeaux 
4. Wunderbar: 8, rue Mauriac, Bordeaux 
5. Le Poulailler: 1, place du 14 juillet, Bègles
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