Pub Crawl Bordeaux – the city’s first pub-athon..!!!

“Bordeaux, all about the pubs and no longer the wine” Daniel Rock, Pub Crawl Bordeaux

Bordeaux has seen some momentous and
epic dates in her 2000 year history…

1154 – The city becomes part of England under the control of Henry II after his  marriage to ‘medieval rebel’ Eleanor of Aquitaine

1203 - Bordeaux's merchants and citizens are exempted from the Grande Coutume export tax by King John. Bordeaux gains a monopoly on wine exports giving birth to the world wine industry.

1453 - The Battle of Castillon - Bordeaux is taken back by the French – the local citizens send numerous envoys to the Royal English court begging them to come back. A pro-English rebellion against Charles VII is brutally crushed and over 2000 Bordelais leave for England.

17th–20thC – Bordeaux continues to be flooded with British wine merchants – in 1756 over 30 are present on the quais with hundreds more staff (numerous chateaux are founded by the British in the Medoc after the marshes are drained by the Dutch (Cantenac-Brown, Clarke, Dillon, Kirwan, Léoville-Barton, Lynch-Bages, MacCarthy, Palmer etc.)

1989 - The Golden Apple, the first English pub in Bordeaux opens in Chartrons

2014 – The Houses of Parliament/HMS Victory/Market Tavern organize the first ever modern delivery and sale of English draught beer in Bordeaux in partnership with the Sweeney Todd’s

2015 – Pub Crawl Bordeaux, the city’s first official pub crawl is launched...

          It’s a little known fact that (outside the Anglo-Saxon world) Bordeaux has the highest number of expat style pubs per capita in the World. With around 30 establishments brandishing themselves as English or Irish style pubs in a city of 245,000 people, there are 7350 people for every pub - which ironically is the exact number of punters who hit the bar at closing time in my local back home.

          Over the last few years, the number of pubs in Bordeaux has expanded at an exponential rate with the arrival of a whole new wave of varied drinking venues and outlets – this includes some of the following:

The Grizzly Canadian theme pub (Place Victoire)
The DNA pop-up pub (just off Place Fernand Lafargue and part of the ongoing Charles Wells conquest of Bordeaux!)
The Black Sheep Gaelic ale house (St Michel on the quai)
The Market Tavern (Place des Chartrons - btw they have a superb range of British beers ON TAP)
La Cueva, Argentinian bar (28 rue St Colombe next to the DNA)
The Bordeaux beer shop which also had a BE blog posting (St Michel)
The Cave des Moines liquor store (Cours Victor Hugo and the reopening of the nearby café after 6 months closure for 'tappage nocturne')
L'Amirale Bière beer shop (5-7 rue Saint James and new apero bar/microbrewery behind, next to the Victor Hugo market)
Malt & Co off licence (62 rue Palais Gallien)
Le Comptoire with its extensive world beer section - opposite the Cock and Bull
Au Nouveau Monde - Québécois organic microbrewery pub and gastropub (2 rue des Boucheries - opening Oct 2015)
The Centre de Brassotherapie Bordeaux branch (5 mins walk from the Berges de Garonne tram stop – they also have a stand at the Christmas market every year..)
The V&B expansion with new off-license/bars in Merignac and Bordeaux Lac
Gasconha locally brewed beer which has spread to a remarkable 126 city drinking haunts.

          This influx of pub and beer culture is part of a local revolution that is rooted in the fact that at its heart, Bordeaux still has the spirit of the Anglo-Saxon world running through its veins! Watch this space for news of the upcoming Bordeaux Beer Festival in October - BLIB (Bordeaux Let It Beer).


Pub Crawl Bordeaux

          The brainchild of Daniel Rock, Pub Crawl Bordeaux is set to revolutionise the city’s nightlife. Daniel’s been in France for a few years now studying in both Brest and Bordeaux. As with many of us sorry individuals, he was drawn to France by the dangerous and potentially deadly creature known as the French female and has set up home here. Since graduating from BDX uni he’s been working as Marketing manager for the Chapman/Ellis pubs (the HOP/HMS Victory/MarketTavern) and looks after all their internal and external comms, events and marketing strategy. Pub Crawl Bordeaux was launched as a side project, has been running since July and firing on all cylinders…

So in the words of the man himself, here’s what they have to offer:


We’ll take you to the coolest pubs in Bordeaux and finish dancing the night away at a club in the center of town! Join us for the best possible time without spending all your cash!


Meet us between 9pm and 9:30pm at The Dog & Duck Pub...

Look for the Guide wearing a RED T-shirt and the Pub Crawl Bordeaux Badge and get your free shot + discount bracelets as soon as you get there.

Some pubs and/or clubs might require you to show ID, so be sure to bring it just in case.

You can wear anything you want! However, if you’re planning on coming to the night club after the pubs close, be sure to WEAR CLOSED SHOES. The club might refuse entry because of flip-flops or sandals.

1 – Book your tickets!
2 – Reserve your spot online and pay at the door with cash.
3 – Meet us every Friday and Saturday at 9.30pm outside The Dog & Duck Pub
4 – The Pub Crawl STARTS!
5 – We’ll go to 5 bars and clubs, including a free shot at each spot when we walk through the door!
6 – Have a awesome time meeting new friends with drinking games and shots.
7 – End of the crawl

We will get to the last pub around midnight. You can stay there until the venue closes, take the tram home (before 1am) or come with us to a late night club at 1:30am to dance the night away!

For all bookings click here

Private events

          Pub Crawl Bordeaux’s private crawls are ideal for groups celebrating birthdays, get-togethers, stag/hen parties, guys/girls night out or any kind of special occasion!

For groups of more than 20 crawlers, we’d love to create a VIP circuit just for you and your friends, and even help you organize a themed crawl with costumes and games! Free Shots, Discount Drinks and a little bit of Bordeaux history are obviously still included in the crawl.
Simply contact us at and let us know about your group and idea. We’ll get back to you right away and start planning your awesome night out in Bordeaux!

For groups of 20 crawlers or less, let us know about your group in advance then show up and party all night! Follow your fun & charismatic guide through old-town Bordeaux to some of the some of the best pubs and clubs in city center.

Letting us know about your group will get you VIP Treatment at all the locations and an exclusive line-breaking entrance to a late night club that will take your party experience to the next level!
Regardless of the size of your group, this night will be something to remember but odds are you probably won’t!

Whether your group is big or small, contact us at for your VIP Bordeaux Pub Crawl.

Finally, here are 5 top tips for an epic pub crawl


Crawler reviews...

Louis Cavender, UK – Loads of fun from the beginning till the end (though the end is always pretty blurry...). Even if you're accustomed to the odd pub crawl around Bordeaux, this one brings a refreshing cultural side to it, with regular stops around Bordeaux's heritage sites. Cheap drinks and free shots in the very best pubs that the St Pierre area has to offer! Thank you Dan and Romain!!

Stephen Anthony Haiden, South Africa – Amazing night. Thanks to Dan and Roma, you guys are the best. Keep up the good work.

Tina Tasche, Germany – If you enjoy meeting new people from all over the world and and love good drinks you should definitely do this pub crawl!
Our first group was so fantastic that we did it twice and we didn't regret it
The guide is doing a real good job and doesn't only have fun with you, he also gives you cool insider informations about the city

Luise Thomas, Germany  – Definetly the best pub crawl in town ! when you're in Bordeaux, you just gotta go there, you will have an amazing time !! :)

Au'rlie P'ycam, Bordeaux – La meilleur manière de découvrir Bordeaux et rencontrer des gens géniaux tout en profitant de petits prix sur vos verres!

Eve Brnrn, Bordeaux – Super concept pour faire de nouvelles rencontres et travailler son anglais. Aussi super moyen d'être sur de passer une bonne soirée dont on se rappellera. Des pubs très divers et qui valent la peine d'être vus. Je conseille fortement a tout le monde d'essayer.:)

Anne Answald, South Africa  – Pub Crawl Bordeaux - LE meilleur moyen de rencontrer, boire, s'amuser en toute sérénité !


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