Bordeaux Let It Beer 2015 – an interview with the La Débauche brewery

Bordeaux Expats recently caught up with the second brewer in the BLIB blog series, La Débauche for a bespoke interview about the upcoming Bordeaux Let it Beer festival

How do you feel about participating in the BLIB? 

We are very flattered. It’s always great to be asked to represent the craft brewing movement in France. It’s also a fantastic chance to meet our customers and fans – to discuss our beers and company approach… And of course to meet our fellow brewers who we like to have a beer with from time to time! 

How do expect to benefit?

Obviously we are mainly there to promote our beers. However in saying that, the atmosphere’s been really relaxed and chilled out at all the festivals we’ve been to in the past – for us, this is the main idea of beer festivals – to display all our hard work and add an educational side by talking about the actual brewing process, showing people the aromas, the choice of ingredients etc. It’s these types of events that we’ll doubtless be able to talk about again and again in the near future of France’s ‘brewing tradition’.

What are you bringing to the festival? 

First and foremost our enthusiasm and sense of humour! Aside from that we are bringing an arsenal of tap beers that have never been seen before in Bordeaux. We will also (hopefully) have the latest cheeky addition to our beer range that we will sell for the first time during the festival. It’s top secret for the time being!

What do you think about the future of locally brewed artisan beer in France compared to Paris and other countries…?

There is so much going on in France’s beer world at the moment! Microbreweries are taking off all over the place as are brewpubs and beer shops... It all good! France has always lagged far behind other countries such as Italy, the UK and Slovenia in the ‘democratisation’ of beer where you can easily pick up craft beer everywhere. The explosion of craft beer in France also raises the issue of whether the major breweries have the right to effectively ‘lockdown’ the beer market. In today’s market, a barrel of top quality craft beer is far cheaper than a barrel of industrial beer under brewer contract. The way things are going, the long list of establishments in the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering world won’t stay in the dark for long!

La Débauche will be taking over the taps as special guest brewer at the Lucifer throughout the BLIB and will be present at the closing event, also at the Lucifer. To find out more about the brewery you can check out their website/FB page and they are available for guided tours at the brewery.
Group visits up to 30 people are possible (contact them in advance to arrange a time) and they can also brew your own personalized beer for a special event or just for a laugh… You can give them your own recipe or brewing preferences and you can even design your own label! (Minimum order 350 litres in barrels or bottles – just enough for the Rugby World Cup…). Equally, barrels are available for hire for special events or evenings as well as personalized 250ml goblets (up to 1000 goblets).

They use 20 and 30 litre disposable barrels which have standard barrel heads. This way you can save tons of cash on inox barrel deposits and become eco-responsible at the same time!

La Débauche
22 boulevard Besson Bey
06 63 98 90 91

La Débauche is on sale in Bordeaux in the following outlets…

La Caisse de 12

There is also a special event over there during the BLIB - Beer – the death of stereotypes!

"Join the battle against the stereotyping of ‘female’ aromas in beer. Adding flavours to beer is perfectly natural ! An exclusive tasting event with the La Débauche brewery".

Participation entry fee 
5 (5 or 6 beers on the tasting program)
Number of places limited (20 people). Contact the following address for reservations (a good idea)
or 09 51 46 72 78
9 avenue Charles de Gaulle

The Maison Désiré

11 Cours Marechal Gallieni
(nr the route de Pessac…)

Cave le Comptoire

14 rue Duffour Dubergier
(between Place Pey Berland and the Musée d’Aquitaine)
A formidable world beer selection...

La Sommellerie Renaud Beaugrand

73 Avenue de la Republique
(just past barriere JudaÏque)

Jaqen Craft Beer (opening soon…)

5 rue Beaubadat 
(on the small square outside Mama Shelter)

The (original) Bordeaux Beer Shop

57 rue des Faures

La Cave des Moins

Certainly NOT a beer for pussys...

And on tap throughout the Bordeaux Let It Beer festival at Le Lucifer where you can meet the brewers.

Click here for the Débauche Tap takeover FB event -

The closing night of the BLIB also promises to be an evening to remember – or not as the case may be.

The following brewers will be present, armed and dangerous with barrels of their latest concoctions.

- BAM - Brasserie Corrézienne - La Débauche - Joli Rouge - Ouroboros - Artibrassage87 (further additions coming soon !)

For the full range of events at the BLIB, click here -

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