Channel 4 on the lookout for expats for their new series!

Are you about to head to France to set up a new life and business? Or are you already there and getting a new venture underway? If so, would you like the chance to have your business featured on Channel 4!
A NEW LIFE IN THE SUN is an aspirational TV series for Channel 4 which follows enterprising British people as they head to Europe to set up new lives and businesses. 

We are currently looking for people to take part in the second series and would like to hear from any Brits who are either about to enter their first season in a new business, currently searching for the right business, or maybe you have a business which has been set up for some time but you’re about to enter a new challenge?

If this sounds like you (or someone you know) please drop us a line telling us a bit about you and your business venture.

For more information please contact:

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