Mesdemoiselles Délicates – an inspirational Bordeaux start-up for caring parents!

Sophie, a friend of ours and ex-Montessori colleague of my missus recently launched a start-up selling a wide range of natural healthcare products and accessories.
She would love to spread the word about her innovative and growing business!

Based on her personal experience with her young daughter, Sophie realized early on how limited France is, not only in the products available for children with sensitive diets but also in its whole approach towards anything seen as ‘alternative’.

In stark comparison to the Anglo-Saxon world, where the range of healthcare and products available for those with alternative diets is mind-boggling and ever-expanding, it was high time that caring parents in France could access a wider range of healthy and diet-sensitive products for their kids.

Here’s her story!

The history of Delicate Young Ladies - "Delicate and Happy"

My idea for this project came straight from the heart, and was born out of my experience with my 8-year-old daughter.

Our products are designed for a wide range of dietary, oral, cutaneous and medicinal sensitivities as well as catering for children with severe food allergies (sometimes combined with emotional hypersensitivity).

What we’re offering is an all-encompassing and holistic lifestyle program!

My professional career in teaching has given me countless enriching life experiences. Over time, my role as a parent with an intellectually precocious child with severe allergies naturally led me into creating my own business.

I wanted to build something that incorporates my interest in our communal well-being (I have a sophrology qualification and offer individual consultations and group workshops), health, nutrition, education and psychology. With over 25 experience, I was keen to share my passion with others.

Delicate Young Ladies saw the light of day in 2016.

Here’s what we can do for you...

You may have a similar story to ours or be on a similar journey at the moment. You will hopefully follow us in aspiring to bring our children up in a more serene and peaceful way, in the midst of a society that is far from adapted to all our needs.

This site aims to give meaning to what we are going through and to inspire you to live life positively and to be proactive rather than suffering. Our ultimate goal is to simplify, improve and beautify your everyday life with quality products that are attractive, innovative, safe and effective.

A Female Universe

Our shop was created by girls, for girls, because this is our story. Gentlemen or Dads who are keen to discover our universe are of course welcome! We love beautiful things, refinement, the poetic side of the world, true and authentic. We think that sensitive, intolerant or allergic people are also entitled to friendly products that help them to escape without constantly telling them that they are not normal.

Our Products

Our products are designed to help with various forms of sensitivities, both physical and emotional. 

Our range is extensive and includes products covering:
Cosmetics, skin/hair accessories, jewelry
Healthcare/Physical well-being
Digestive, respiratory care and accessories
Well-being, accessories, books/CDs/colouring, lamps/bulbs/light diffusion
Educational (often Montessori based)
Construction, kits/puzzles, games, listening, decoration, build-you-own teddies, 
writing/tracing/colouring, modelling/painting/gluing
Prevention and management of intolerance or allergies
Anti-allergy warning and healthcare kits, info guides

Our Suppliers

It is important for us to help small regional businesses and artisans to publicise the rich variety
 of products produced in the hexagon and to encourage the local economy, the jobs that make
 sense. We also work with our European neighbours who have helped us to discover fantastic
 products as well as working with craftsmen from all over the world who use quality raw materials.
This emphasis on proximity is with the aim of being completely transparent: a high quality of product 
and exchanges with suppliers to build strong partnerships.
We are also highly in favor of healthy, ecological, natural, or organic materials whenever possible; 
we value an ethical approach in all our partners.

Packing and Shipping

We are committed to providing you with a sleek and elegant package with our efficient logistics and shipping.

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Sophie and Sarah

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