Free Walking Tour Bordeaux

The weekend is closing in… Looking for something to do? How about taking part in one of our fantastic Free Walking Tours..!

Free Walking Tours Bordeaux is the ultimate way to discover our beautiful city - on any budget.

The concept is simple - join us at our meeting point, without any booking and take part in a free two-hour walk around the streets of Bordeaux.
We were recently interviewed by Radio Campus Bordeaux!

We have two tours with two unique routes…
The Classic Walking Tour has been designed to show you the top landmarks, reveal various secret stories and help you to discover hidden parts of the city (Place des Quinconces, Grand Théatre, the Cathedral, Utopia Cinema, Place du Parlement, Place de la Bourse).

Our Medieval Walking Tour covers the medieval city and will give you an insight into local life in the Middle Ages. We also throw in some wicked stories about kings and witches that you won't easily forget (Grosse Cloche, Rue des Bahutiers, Rue Neuve, Rue de la Vache, Porte Cailhau)!

Our dynamic and international guides know Bordeaux inside-out and they are happy to share their local knowledge about life, food and – of course – the wine!

Our tours are in both English and French (simultaneously - a great way to brush up on your French!). You can choose your language when you arrive.

"We do our very best to give you a warm welcome!"

As we are all volunteers, your tips and donations are the best way to support our project, so they are always welcome  ;)

Where to meet us?

Classic Tour start-time - Sunday at 2pm.
Meeting Point: Monument des Girondins, Place des Quinconces.

Medieval Tour start-time - Saturday at 2pm.
Meeting point: Tour Pey Berland, Place Pey Berland.

Or contact us...

Hope to see you soon,

your Free Walking Team

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