Bordeaux Free Walking Tours

Bordeaux Free Walking Tours - the ultimate way to discover Bordeaux through the eyes of a guide born and raised in Bordeaux

Bordeaux Free Walking Tours is the only free tour company with three different tours and three unique routes…

The City Free Walking Tour shows you Bordeaux’s most beautiful landmarks as well as secret squares and areas off the beaten track. It also packs in loads of fun and fascinating local Bordeaux stories. Highlights are the Cathedral, the Utopia Cinema, Place de la Bourse, the Grand Theatre and Place des Quinconces.

The Medieval Free Walking Tour transports you 800 years into the past with tales of witches and black magic, love and infidelity, legacy and destiny and will give you an entirely different perspective of the city. It features the Grosse Cloche, Rue Pillet, Rue des Bahutiers, Rue Neuve, Rue du Muguet, Rue de la Vache and Porte Cailhau to mention a few.

The War Tour - learn why Bordeaux was the capital of France three times. We will show you locations where all the dramatic decisions were made in Bordeaux’s more turbulent times!
All the tours are completely free of charge! If you want to support us and help us to carry on in the future, you can leave a small contribution at the end!

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