Very Bad Geek - Pop Culture in Bordeaux!

Bordeaux's new Geek and Pop-culture shop has recently been released into the atmosphere in downtown on the rue Sainte-Catherine.


VERY BAD GEEK is a universe of geek products and pop culture from cinema, TV series, video games. It's a concept store where Harry Potter hangs with Darth Vader while Walter White gives them both a foot massage.

It's also the independent venture of Bordeaux local, Kevin Calleau, who while travelling in a hotted up corvette through the bad lands of Southern California gave birth to the idea that the geek community of Bordeaux needed their very own hub for alternative and pop culture.


Located on the rue Sainte-Catherine, towards la victoire, the store greets the visitor with what can be expected when looking for a pop-culture products. There is a good selection of variously priced items and a large range of products orientated to fans of  Game of Thrones, Walking
Dead, Star Wars, Avengers, Batman, Breaking Bad etc.

The website is a dedicated online shop where all physical products can be purchased via secure payment gateway.


Geek Culture has become a Pop-Culture phenomenon, of which Bordeaux is not immune. The city
already hosts two of the most popular shows in France, the Animasia Festival, which in 2016 hosted 20,000 people at Hangar 14 and nearly 10,000 people its edition in Le Haillan.
As well as the Bordeaux Geek Festival frequented by 28,000 visitors in May 2017. In recent years and months, the M├ętropole also saw the birth of new places dedicated to the Bordeaux Geeks such as E-Sport bars, Escape Games, restaurant-games...

Not to mention the Zombie Walks and other quality events that take place every year. 

*Disclaimer: The owner Kevin is not an expat but he is fluent in English and also does a better American accent than me.

WHERE: 201 Rue Sainte-Catherine, 33000 Bordeaux
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