Digital Content Strategist & Social Media Manager

Mike Foster is an English Speaking native who specialises in digital communications in Bordeaux.

Hailing from Australia, living in Bordeaux, he offers to bring over ten years industry experience to provide professional project & content management along with social media marketing in a freelance capacity.

After cutting my teeth in a digital agency right here in Bordeaux, I was motivated to discover what it was like being my own boss. 
I really enjoyed working on large international web based projects, and I would love to do so again if the opportunity arose, but I also wanted to have the chance to work on smaller local projects, something I didn't have the chance to do whilst working in the agency.

As a freelancer, he wears many hats all of which call upon his management experience in the web industry.

From social media management for brands and businesses, website creation across multiple CMS, to more tech heavy projects where budget, planning and task execution is required. I'm confident in my abilities and eager to meet like minded independent professionals and potential clients.
If you are looking for a Digital Professional, who is fluent in French and a native English speaker, please feel free to drop him a line.

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