French shopper acts normally

A woman at a French hypermarket has paid for her shopping and left the shop in under 7 hours, it has been reported.

The incident took place earlier today at an Auchan in Bordeaux Lac. 53-year-old Madame Estival queued for 45 minutes at the only till open in the large hypermarket, then simply paid and left.

Other shoppers looked on in horror, as the woman appeared not to have 473,000 random coupons or vouchers lost in her purse. She also allegedly didn’t try to pay with an out-of-date cheque book, 'tickets resto' or a collection of old 2 franc coins. In a desperate attempt to slow the process down, the cashier panicked and tried to ensnare the shopper in a conversation about upcoming strikes and the rainy weather.

Since the distressing episode, the hypermarket has now closed its only remaining cash register and employees have gone on strike indefinitely. Queuing shoppers are now required to eat packets of Fisherman’s Friends to survive.

When asked for comment, the manager of the Auchan said,

“this type of selfish consumer behaviour is totally unacceptable in modern France. We are implementing measures to make sure that shoppers will have to spend up to one year queuing and that our cashiers don’t face the risk of a burnout.”
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