La Cité du Vin and Bordeaux Ferry

In 2016, Bordeaux saw the opening of the la Cité du Vin, our very own Wine Museum, of which has shaped the domestic and international tourism of the city.

Cité du Vin

The project to construct a dedicated centre of the regions most valuable export was first conceived in 2009, with a final budget exceeding €81 million the museum was officially opened by Alain Juppé and François Hollande on the 31st May 2016.

The ground floor houses a cellar-library of 9,752 bottles, from over 80 countries. Visitors are able to taste and purchase directly as there is wine bar open to the public not too far from the gift shop, which is operated by La Cité du Vin.

Cité du Vin book
 © Derek Rose Videographer
Cité du Vin - Bordeaux Wine Museum
© Derek Rose Videographer

Bordeaux Wine Museum
© Derek Rose Videographer

On the first floor there is a conference room, discovery workshops, and a 250-seat auditorium which hosts events all-year long.

The second floor which is the the heart museum, takes visitors on an immersive journey through time and concentrates on the discovery of wine as a cultural heritage. Twenty-five sections make up the museum, with the tour lasting around two hours. The visitors have interactive translation guides that assist with the experience for all the interactive multimedia multimedia exhibitions.

On the 7th floor is a panoramic restaurant (Le 7), and on the 8th floor, a belvédère climbs to a total height of 35 meters high, and offers stunning panoramic views of the city and the port de la Lune.

Cité du Vin - Wine Library
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Entry into the building is free but visitors are limited to the ground and first floor.

Prices for tours start at around €6 and run all the way up to €25.
More information for tariffs and tours.

Bordeaux Ferry

The BatCub river shuttle is a very pleasant alternative to discover the port of Bordeaux and also to get from one side of the riverbank to another. The BatCub (Bordeaux Ferry) forms a piece of Bordeaux's transport network and allows interconnections with the three tram lines and the exchange hubs of Stalingrad, Quinconces and Cité du Vin.

Bordeaux Ferry - BatCub
© Derek Rose Videographer

Bordeaux Ferry Service

The river shuttle serves 5 stations:
  • Stalingrad
  • Quinconces
  • Les Hangars
  • La cité du Vin
  • Bas Lormont
The ferry services runs every day (except May 1st):

Monday to Friday: 7am to 7pm
Weekends and holidays: from 8h to 19h

The sale of tickets is possible on board, and they are also valid for use on the tram and bus network.


NOTE: Not all ferries stop at la Cité du Vin and there are sometime lengthy waits for an actual ferry to go to this station (approx. 30mins - 1hr). Therefore, it is recommended to check the timetable prior when planning your trip.

Here is a great article with further information and history about the ferry service.

Once again, many thanks to Derek Rose for his time and professional video service.

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