Stylish Nonsense - Interview

Stylish Nonsense are an electro duo based out of Bangkok, Thailand who have been kicking around since 1993 providing a unique mix between post punk and electric vintage funk.
Bordeaux Expats has a quick chat with Pok and June prior to their gig at the l'avant scène last week.

Where have you come from this tour and where are you going?

We are coming from Paris where our first show of our European tour was, after Bordeaux, we have one show at Cabezón de la Sal in Spain and 3 concerts in Portugal then back to France, Belgium, Germany and then go to North Europe visiting Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

What music influences or artists do you have?

We grew up with 90's alternative guitar and electronic music and we learned to experiment further while we made music with computers at the time.

What are your musical backgrounds?

When we were young, our parents send us to Yamaha music school. They didn't expect us to be musicians but it was more for an activity during school holiday. Yamaha music school was very popular in the 80's.

How would your describe your music to those who have not heard you before?

Our music is like nonsense and music happening together - its performance.


Touring internationally sometimes may mean things get lost in translation due to language differences. How do you find that music bridges the gap between cultures and social exchanges?

We're not so good in English either, but letting music do the talking makes it easier to connect. The alternative music scene is similar in most cities, people do it for the love and fun...

You've been together over 20 years . How have you seen yourselves grow musically and personally?

We started making music with computers and a lot of fun of new things. Then we discover that our second decade we just played live only until now. Looking back now we each have our own life and family with live shows being like our new studio time to make our music where we can continue we learn instruments, accept errors, improvise and free our mind and energy. This is where we also work when we're having our mid-life crisis. Music has helped us a lot, but between us (two) it's always the same.

Travelling with your music, what impact does this have on your on your music and song writing?

We write the songs at live shows with the audiences being the main impact on us.

Best experience from this tour so far?

Each venue have been fantastic, giving us inspiring ideas to adapt to the music scene back in Bangkok.

The best time has been the first night in Bordeaux with our friend who brought us to check out the local scene. We went to the Zine Fest which had Ghetto blasters, DJs... the crowd were crazy fun.

Worst experience from this tour so far?

Nothing happened yet! Just a bit of a cold from not enough sleep.

Any parting comments?

The tour is all about improvising also....
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